Put on the stockings

Putting on real nylons is not quite the same as putting on hosiery made in mixed materials. Since our stockings are made out of 100% Nylon, there isn´t any natural stretch in the fiber. But if you follow our step-by-step instruction, the stockings will fit nicely and they will keep up longer.

Also, in the end of this page you will find a video link to an old instruction video how to wash and take care of your nylons.

We do recommend using cotton gloves when you put them on, in order to protect the sheer Nylon from jewellery, small cracks in your skin or sharp edges on your nails.

Step 1 Collect the stocking together and put it over your toes. Gently pull the stocking until it cover the whole foot and heel. You may use the seam as guide to feel that the stocking is centered under the foot.

Step 2 Use both hands, and distribute the stocking evenly along the natural contour of the leg, from the calf and up.  One tip is to always keep in contact with the back seam with a finger while you roll upp the stocking. Then you will feel if it is about to twist or not. Adjust while you go so it keeps centered. Do not pull or stretch your nylons, if you are gentle they will last longer.

Step 3 Gently meet up the stocking with the garter, and fasten the clip in the middle of the welt (the wide thicker area on the top of your stocking) If the stocking does´t reach all the way up, roll down the stocking to the ankle again, re-adjust the garter straps and do it all over again until you find the right hight for your stockings. The heel may be adjusted as you like, higher or lower, it´s just a matter of personal preference. NOTE! Do not pull upp the stockings too hard together with the garter, since that extra strain can significantly shorten the life span of your fine Nylons. 

Step 4 Stand up and control that the stockings fit well. When you are done adjusting, the stockings will have a nice fit all day long.

Step 5 Enjoy! Now you wear a real pair of Full-Fashioned Nylons in a quality that you can really feel. Irresistible elegance.

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