Our Full-Fashioned Nylons


All our Nylons are Full-Fashioned, 15 denier, flat knitted, 60 gauge and made out of 100% Nylon. We manufacture on authentic machines from the 1950’s. Maby you have heared about the classic brand “Aristoc”? We have our stockings manufactured in that very same machine.

These are the models we can offer at the moment. Note that we can also offer larger sizes, up to 11.5 inches (size 46.5)!

“Old Fashioned”
Bronze/black contrast seam
Cuban heel or Point Heel

Natural/Natural seam
Cuban Heel or Point Heel

“Pitch Black”
Black/Black seam
Point heel

“Black Dahlia”
Black/Black seam
Cuban heel or Havana Heel

“Lucious Legs”
Barely Black/Black seam
Cuban heel

“Stairway to heaven”
Black/Red Contrast seam
Point heel

Electric Blue/black contrast seam and welt
Cuban heel

“Flamingo Blush”
Coral/Coral seam
Cuban heel

Shimmering ivory/ivory seam
Cuban heel
(Very nice for weddings)


The Cuban Heel was very popular during the 1950’s.