About us

We are a small company specializing in Full-Fashioned Nylon Stockings, that we get manufactured in England on authentic Reading Machines from the 1950’s (It´s Aristoc´s old machines for those of you who know that classic brand).

All stockings are made out of 100% Nylon, with real seam and the characterizing keyhole on the back. The manufacturing process is identical to how it was during the 50’s, which makes the end product impossible to distinguish from a pair that was produced back then.

Try on a pair of real nylons and you will never go back to using cheap stockings in mixed materials again. You will see – and feel – the difference.

With love,
Magnus & Sophie Palmstierna Eckhéll
Mobile +46-702-723 729
magnus( at )vintagewonderland.se

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